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Distance healing is a technique used to channel healing enerhealingHandsgy to where it is needed, the most common way is to visualize the person needed healing and seeing a ray of light touching them with healing energy, or to concentrate on a photograph of the person and again channel the energy. 

Reiki practitioners can use a Reiki bear to send healing to where it is needed. Another way is to work out of the body, whilst you are in meditation see yourself with the recipient and working with him/her. This can also be done using dream time, here is a story telling about just that.

Many years ago my mum was really ill and had to undergo an emergency operation, when she was brought back to the ward she looked so ill,  I was really worried.

I did try to channel healing but my emotions were getting in the way, so I asked for help from my guides and the spirit world. That night I fell asleep and went into a deep dream. In the dream mum and I were going through a dark jungle, I knew I had to keep her hand in mine, and quite a few times it was a struggle just to touch her fingers, I kept saying “ just hold on to me mum” there were  roots and debris we kept stumbling over but the journey went on.

Then all of a sudden there was a clearing, the trees stood tall, the grass was beautiful and lush, in the middle lay a lion ,the sun was shinning down, at this point I started singing the old hymn The lions of Judah shall break ever chain.

When I went to the hospital that night, I asked the ward sister how mum was .She said, “mum had gone through a crisis time and would now be ok” I went and sat by mum’s bed, she woke looked at me and said” Thank you for sitting with me all night, I wouldn’t have made it through without you holding my hand.

So was it a dream?
        I will leave you to decide

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